Accommodation near Cradle Mountain


Indoor pool near Cradle Mountain

Indoor Heated Pool
Trout Fishing
Silver Mine
Spot Lighting
Bird Watching
Pony Riding

Indoor Pool
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Trout Fishing
Our dams are stocked with Rainbow Trout. Tasmanian fishing licence is required - fly or lure and catch and release only. Ready access to many of the highland lakes and the Mersey and Dasher rivers for excellent trout fishing in season.

Silver Mine
Visit the1870's Silver Mine and marvel at the work accomplished with basic tools.
Check on the growth of the stalactites and while avoiding the cave spiders don't miss the glow-worms.

"Pat a Possum or two" on our native animal spotlighting excursion and meet the cheeky brush tail possums that pop in for their "tea". As we are surrounded by crown land, Pademelons and Bennetts Wallaby are plentiful while ringtail possums, sugar gliders and various owls make less frequent appearances.
The devils and quolls (native cats) are here but they are more scared of us than we are of them and while we see frequent evidence of their passing they are seldom seen on our walks.

On a clear night the skies, undimmed by pollution or city lights, are magnificent.

Bird Watching

The following have all been seen on the property...

Yellow Wattle Bird Field Wren
Tasmanian Native Hen Pink Robin
Black Currawong Flame Robin
Green Rosella Scarlet Robin
Dusky Robin Black Cockatoo
Tasmanian Thornbill Wedge-Tailed Eagle
Tasmanian (Brown) Scrub wren Bassian Thrush
Scrub Tit Satin Flycatcher
Yellow Throated Honeyeater Black Headed Honeyeater
Strong Billed Honeyeater Sea Eagles
Clinking Currawong  
Tasmanian Masked Owl  
Penny is an RSPCA rescue...
She is an ex-trotter and has never been ridden.
She's keen to talk to any friendly person, but only if you an apple or carrot will she stay to "talk"!
Pony riding near Cradle mountain

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